Capital invested by the owner is shown as a liability in the balance sheet due to ____________ in accounting.

A separate entity concept
B going concern concept
C cost concept
D money measurement concept

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Profits , sundry credit, sundry debt and the like can be measured through
A Financial Control system
B Inventory control system
C Budgetary Control system
D Quality Control system

Process of designing and maintaining environment in which individuals working in groups efficiently employ resources is called ________.
A Good working relationship
B Management
C Individual System
D Maintenance

Which of the below given statements are True(T) or False(F):

A. Distributive Justice: refers to perceived fairness of the amount and allocation of rewards among individuals

B. Procedural Justice: refers to perceived fairness of the process used to determine the perception of individuals

A A‐T: B‐T

Which of the following events can be forecasted with the help of HRP?
A Function of the organization
B Job description
C Attrition rate
D Deciding goals

Bank overdraft as per cash book is a _____________.
A Debit balance
B Credit balance
C Cash balance
D Favourable balance

Which of the below given people are focused on the subjective, inner world of thoughts, feelings and ideas ?
A Extroverts
B Introvertes
C Both a and b
D None of the above

Which of these skills are more important for a worker at the shop floor level?
A Conceptual skills
B Human Skills
C Design Skills
D Technical Skills

The market price of a share of common stock is determined by:________
A the board of directors of the firm
B the stock exchange on which the stock is listed;
C the president of the company.
D individuals buying and selling the stock

The verbal part of a brand. The part that can be spoken or written is known as
A Brand name
B Brand mark
C Logo
D Patent