Fine grained soil are sub divided in to ___________

A Silt and clay
B Sand and clay
C Organic and silt
D Gravel and peat

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Soil classification based on the particle size distribution is _____________
A Unified soil classification
B IS classification
C Particle size classification
D Textural classification

The best known classification system in textural classification is __________
A M.I.T. classification system
B Triangular classification of U.S. public road administration
C Indian classification system
D International classification

Textural classification is most suitable for ____________
A Clay soil
B Wet soil
C Coarse grained soil
D Soil with moist

To use textural classification chart ___________ lines must be drawn.
A Parallel to the three sides of the triangle
B Parallel to the only one side of the triangle
C Adjacent to the three sides of the triangle
D Adjacent to the one sides of the triangle

The A-line, in unified classification system table has the equation of __________
A IP=WL-20
B IP=0.73(WL-20)
C IP=0.73(20-wL)
D IP=20-WL

According to IS classification, the symbol GC means ____________
A Clayey gravel
B Silt gravel
C Sand gravel
D Well graded gravel

The symbol ‘L’ represents which of the following soil types?
A Silt and Clay
B Gravel
C All of the mentioned
D None of the mentioned

What are the features required, for classifying a soil component as boulder?
A Bulky hard
B Diameter more than 30cm
C Round to angular shape
D All of the mentioned

The ISCS classifies the soil in to __________
A 12 groups
B 15 groups
C 18 groups
D 16 groups

Laboratory classification of fined grained soil is done with the help of ________
A Plasticity chart
B Textural classification chart
C Kozney’s graphical method
D None of the mentioned