In case of normally consolidated and pre-consolidated soils, it is not fully consolidated under existing over-burden pressure.

A True
B False

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The diameter of the perforated pipe used in well point system is __________
A 0.5 to 1 m
B 5 to 8 cm
C 2 to 4 cm
D 1 to 3.5 m

The ground water table may be lowered by which of the following methods?
A Vacuum method
B Well point system
C Electro-osmosis method
D All of the mentioned

What is the minimum depth of water that can be brought to the surface in well point system?
A 5m
B 2m
C 6m
D 1m

For dewatering more than 6m below the water table, which of the following method is used?
A Well point system
B Multi stage well point system
C Vacuum method
D Deep well system

A advantage of using jetting of water in well point system is ___________
A Forms a natural filter around well point
B Allows to penetrate soil easily
C Less time is consumed for drilling
D All of the mentioned

In well point system, ___________should be made essential for proper working of the system.
A Suction pump
B Pumping schedule
C Man power
D None of the mentioned

The pump which is used for suction of water in the well point system is ___________
A Suction pump
B Auxiliary pump
C Vacuum pump
D All of the mentioned

The removal of excess of water from the saturated soil mass is called __________
A Drainage and Dewatering
B Saturation
C None of the mentioned
D All of the mentioned

Which one of the following method can be used to lower water table, using gravity flow?
A Well point system
B Dewatering
C Water suction method
D Dehydration

A protective filter consists of layers of _____________
A Base material
B Pervious material
C Filter material
D Sheet-pile