The loose bulky grains in collapsible soil are held together by__________

A Inter-molecular force between the soil
B Compressive stress
C Capillary stress
D All of the mentioned

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A clay specimen has an unconfined compressive strength of 240 Kn/m2 in a distributed state. On remolding, the unconfined compressive strength is 54 Kn/m2. What will be the sensitivity of clay?
A 3.85
B 7.24
C 2.04
D 4.44

The structural collapse for a clay soil usually occurs at __________
A First saturation
B Last
C Does not occur
D At an intermediate

At a given overburden pressure (Po) for a collapsible soil, its collapsible potential depends on _________
A Degree of saturation
B Temperature coefficient
C Moisture content
D Pressure

The capillary potential (CP) of the collapsible soil varies with _________
A Degree of saturation and Pressure
B Water content present
C All of the mentioned
D None of the mentioned

If the collapsible potential values of the soil are 0-1 %.what will be the severity of the problem?
A Severe problem
B Moderate problem
C No problem
D None of the mentioned

Collapsible soils undergoes large decrease in volume due to __________
A Decrease in moisture content
B Increase in moisture content
C Increase in solubility
D None of the mentioned

collapsible soils are usually present in areas of __________
A Semi-arid regions and Arid regions
B Dry regions
C All of the mentioned
D None of the mentioned

Which of the following is exhibited by collapsible soil?
A Silts where cementing agent is soluble
B Loose bulky grains hold together by capillary stresses
C All of the mentioned
D None of the mentioned

The researchers who have provided guidance for identifying the potential, foot clayey sand and sand clay found in western US is __________
A Macveren
B Holtz and Gibbs
C All of the mentioned
D None of the mentioned