When was the Competition Commission of India (CCI) established?

A 2000
B 1989
C 1991
D 2003
E 2014

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K Sivan is likely to inaugurate the 'SriShakthiSat' ground station at Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology in which city?
A Coimbatore
B Bengaluru
C Sriharikota
D Chennai

Which state is all set to launch the three-tower 'Gender Park'?
A Andhra Pradesh
B Tamil Nadu
C Kerala
D Telangana

Cloris Leachman has passed away recently. She was related to which profession?
A Politician
B Singer
C Dancer
D Actor

What is the joint initiative has launched by the India and France to boost ties in sustainable development, environment protection called?
A Indo-French Year of the Environment
B Indo-French Year of the Renewable Energies
C Indo-French Year of the Energy Efficiency
D Indo-French Year of the Sustainable Development

Which state has become the 5th state to complete Urban Local Bodies reforms?
A Andhra Pradesh
B Kerala
C Rajasthan
D Gujarat

Which country has signed an MoU with India for design, manufacture and launch of satellites by students?
A Russia
C Japan
D Bangladesh

Which mobile brand has launched the Shiksha Har Haath initiative for poor students?
A Samsung
B Microsoft
C Nokia
D Xiaomi India

The School of Public Health has been launched in which state?
A Rajasthan
B West Bengal
C Andhra Pradesh
D Karnataka

Upendra Prasad Singh has been appointed as the secretary of which ministry?
A Ministry of Textiles
B Ministry of Jalshakti
C Ministry of Health
D Ministry of Education

India's first Igloo Cafe has been Built in which state/UT?
A Himachal Pradesh
B Uttarakhand
C Jammu & Kashmir
D Rajasthan