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After the recent capture of the alleged “Golden State Killer,” who is currently awaiting trial on over 20 counts of murder, law enforcement agencies are looking to expand their ability to gather evidence in the course of their investigations. In order to catch the Golden State Killer, law enforcement officers used data from a popular DNA profile company, Ancestry. Officials took a DNA sample from one of his crime scenes, and ran it through Ancestry’s database. When the DNA from the crime scene matched one of Ancestry’s users, officials investigated the user and found that he had a relative who fit the profile they already had on the killer.

Evidence from a DNA profile site led officials to the door of a man they may not have been able to find any other way, but it has also called into question the ethics of law enforcement agencies being able to access the database of sites like Ancestry in the course of their investigations. Opponents of this process see it as an invasion of privacy, while proponents of it argue that if consumers are willingly giving their DNA to a company, they must accept that it could be used against them by police. Whether you support the practice or not, it’s hard to argue with the results in the case of the Golden State Killer. Law enforcement was able to catch someone who has terrorized, raped, and murdered dozens of people over the last 30 years, a man who likely would have lived the rest of his life unnoticed if they hadn’t used this method to catch him.

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Anyone who has ever been in a classroom where the teacher’s presentation was lifeless, static and without vocal variety ran appreciate the commonsense value of the affective side of teaching. However, unlike the other behaviours, affect cannot be captured in transcripts of teaching or by classroom interaction instruments. Narrowly focused research instruments often miss a teacher’s affective nature, which emerges from a more holistic view of the classroom. This affective nature is the foundation on which one can build a warm and nurturing relationship with his or her learness. What the instruments miss, the students see clearly. Students are good perceivers of the emotions and intentions underlying a teacher’s actions and they often respond accordingly. A teacher who is excited about the subject being taught and shows it by facial expressions, voice inflection, gesture and movement thus communicating respect and caring for the learner- is more likely to hold the attention of students and motivate them to higher levels of achievement than one who does not exhibit these behaviours. Students take their cues from these affective signs and lower or heighten their engagement with the lesson accordingly. Enthusiasm is an important aspect of a teacher’s affect. Enthusiasm is the teacher’s vigour, power, involvement excitement, and interest during a classroom presentation and willingness to share this emotion with learners, who will want to respond in kind.

Question : Students respect a teacher who

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Geography seeks to understand the physical and human organization of the surface of the Earth. In the field of geography, inter-related themes are frequently seen. These are scale, pattern and process. Scale is defined as the level of structure on organisation at which a phenomenon is studied. Pattern is defined as the variation observed in a phenomenon studied at a particular scale. The third theme, process, further connects the first two. Process is defined as the description of how the factors that affect a phenomenon act to product a pattern at a particular scale. For instance, when a passenger on an aircraft looks out of the window, the View changes according to the scale. At the global scale when the aircraft maintains its height, he can see the chunks of clouds in all their pattern, the sun or the moon, as per the time. When the aircraft loses a little height, passengers can see the land and water masses in their different colours and the shape of land masses. At the continental scale, the passengers can see the shapes of the land features and how they are distributed. The pattern emerges as the variation of land and water and the proportion of each. Looking carefully, passengers can note how each land mass aligns with the others and how each mountain bears the signs of the process through which it emerged.

The processes in a geography change in a regular and repetitive manner. One instance of this is the annual solar cycle of the sun and the earth. Most systems in nature display time cycles that are organised in a rhythm of their own as these time cycles and natural processes are always active, the environment of the earth is always in a state of dynamism. This environmental change is not only the result of natural process but also the result of human activity. Physical geography works towards understanding the interaction between man and nature and also the results of this interaction in order to manage global climate change better.

Question : The time cycles of the system of nature follow their own